Frequently asked questions

Washbox is a solution the allows you to use Your time more efficiently. WashBox is a dry cleaning service that works around your schedule. You can pick up your laundry from our laundry lockers without worrying about the opening-closing times. More so, you can choose a time slot that is most suitable for you and our courier will come to collect or drop off your laundry for you. Ease Your Day With Us!

With our mobile app you can either call our courier or enter you chosen locker number when submitting your order.
You can download our mobile app using these links – Android / iPhone
– after registering you can choose either the Locker or Courier service, whichever suits you best;
– fill out the necessary information and follow the steps provided in our application;
– drop off your laundry in any available locker or hand it over to our courier;
– make a payment using the app, after receiving the invoice with the list of your laundry items;
– receive your clean laundry in WashBox locker or delivered at home.
You can also ask for courier by calling us by phone +371 23 203 733

No, Our crew will take care of that. Just put your clothes in a bag and drop it off in our laundry lockers or hand over to our courier.

We have our WashBox dry cleaners. Your clothes will be washed in the finest quality with the most suitable method according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

No worries, go ahead and use as many available lockers as you need. Each locker has to be ordered separately. The price is not going to change as it depends on the number of clothes.

All clothes are being ironed unless they are not suitable for ironing.

Each order is washed separately thus separating your clothes from other people clothes.

Make note of that in the section “do you have special notes”. All clothing is washed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If there are none, then based on our professional expertise.

It is better if you don’t, however, if it’s happened we are going to put them in a bag and handed back to you with the clothes.

Please contact us sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your order id and description of the missing items. We will contact you to resolve any situation.

Please contact us sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your order id and description of the missing items. We will contact you to resolve any situation.

Contact us sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Please note that cancellation is possible only before the clothes have been washed.

Payment for laundry locker and courier services are done through our mobile application. After receiving Your clothes, We count them, calculate the price and send the receipt through the app. The sooner you pay the sooner you get your clothes.

Receipts are going to be sent to your e-mail. Also, you can see all your receipts in WashBox application under the section “my orders”.

WashBox laundry lockers are open 24/7. Courier service is available from 10 AM – 2 PM and from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Sure! For courier services, you can provide a different delivery address at the checkout in the App. However, in order to change the pick up location for laundry lockers, You will have to call us: +371 23 203 733.

Courier is allowed to leave the clothes with the person who ordered. If you want another person to collect your order, contact us calling +371 23 203 733.

The total price of the order has to be at least 25 Eur in order for it to be free of charge.

You will receive a text with the chosen delivery address and time slot. With the laundry locker service, you will receive a text with the assigned locker number and a locker PIN to open it.