The delivery is free of charge for all orders placed in laundry lockers.

If you wish to place your order via courier, a delivery fee of €5 will incur for orders below  €25.

For courier orders above €25, delivery will be free of charge.

The cost of cleaning children’s laundry is half of what is shown on this list.

Laundry EUR with VAT
Bed linen/towels kg3.50
Everyday laundry (socks, t-shirts...) kg4.20
Tablecloth washing kg4.00
Staining of tablecloths kg4.40
Napkins pc0.45
Dry cleaning of clothes EUR with VAT
A suit16.00
Pants are rolled up8.80
Sweater wool/knitted7.00
T-shirt cleaning3.00
Evening dress30.00
Costume (skirt and jacket)14.00
Wedding dress39.00
The skirt is short7.00
Long or pleated skirts7.00
Jacket wool/knitted6.00
Vest suit6.00
The vest is knitted6.00
A terry dressing gown6.00
Robe cotton, silk7.00
Down vest8.00
Short summer jacket8.00
Long summer jacket10.00
Shirt with stains4.00
Shirt with bleaching4.00
Nightgown cleaning5.00
The dress is complicated18.00
Long jacket10.00
Polo shirt3.00
Jean jacket8.00
A skirt7.50
Shorts short/sports3.00
Suit with waistcoat17.00
Faux leather jacket25.00
Costume (dress and jacket)17.00
The vest is down-thick13.00
Sports pants4.00
Sport jacket6.00
Suit (pants and jacket)18.50
Genuine leather coat70.00
Genuine leather half fur coat55.00
Lined motorcycle jacket25.00
Motorcycle jacket20.00
Other Textile products EUR with VAT
Small flag7.00
The big flag12.00
Carpet thin m28.00
Curtains thin kg8.00
Curtains thick kg6.50
Carpet thick m210.00
Synthetic sleeping bag15.00
Sleeping bag17.00
Curtains with decor. for elements kg8.00
Leather bag35.00
Vest reflective wash1.50
Awnings, roofs, walls (fabric), etc.25.00
Carpet fabric braided m26.00
Bath rug5.50
Toy, small5.00
Toy, medium10.00
Leather jacket50.00
Cleaning warm clothes EUR with VAT
Down jacket18.00
Autumn, spring coat16.50
Sintepon jacket long17.00
Down coat20.00
Sintepon jacket short15.00
Half coat autumn, spring14.50
Short windbreaker with warm/artificial lining14.00
Winter coat21.00
Long windbreaker with warm/artificial lining16.50
Scarf, scarf3.50
Scarf, scarf wool5.00
A regular hat, knitted, with a nail5.00
Half coat for winter16.00
Ski overalls22.00
Ski half overalls15.00
Art. leather coat30.00
Ski jacket19.00
Ski pants11.00
Suede jacket25.00
Gloves knitted, sewn4.00
Sintepon coat18.00
Coat without lining14.00
Hat complicated6.00
Gloves thick, skiing6.00
Blankets and Pillows EUR with VAT
Sintepon pillow12.00
Blanket synthetic double15.00
Sintepon pillow12.00
Blanket synthetic one and a half13.00
Bedspread double12.00
Duvet double20.00
Mattress cover double double35.00
pillow of down, feathers18.00
Blanket wool one and a half14.00
Blanket woolen double17.00
Blanket wool, silk one and a half25.00
Blanket wool, silk double33.00
Blanket wool, silk double thickness38.00
Blanket cotton8.00
Bedspread for one and a half beds10.00
Pillowcase sheep's wool6.00
Mattress cover for one and a half beds14.00
Mattress cover double17.00
Down comforter one and a half18.00
Blanket down baby15.00
Mattress cover double and a half25.00
Mattress cover double single20.00
Wool baby blanket10.00
Mattress topper45.00
Pillow cover spec.6.00
Blanket synthetic single11.00
Plaid double6.00
Plaid one and a half seater5.00
Plaid single4.00
Single mattress35.00
One and a half bed mattress39.00
Double mattress49.00
Mattress for children25.00
Down/feather pillow18.00
Duvet single15.00
Work clothes EUR with VAT
Work pants, thin jacket7
Work trousers, thick jacket9
Work overalls7
Work overalls10
Work gown5
Work apron3
*Products that are not included in the price list are compared to other products. **50% discount applies to children's clothes up to 1.40cm