Have your clothes cleaned
has never been easier


A mobile app for your smartphone!


Locker Network - WASHBOX

Our company keeps up with the times. Considering the accelerated pace of life and modern trends, a new convenient network of laundry collection points has been developed. A wide choice of locations and a contactless format make the service safe and convenient.

How does it work?


Put things in the locker

Place the clothes in the locker and close with any combination of 4 numbers.


Share the locker number

Place your order through the Android or iPhone mobile app.

Pay the bill

Get a bill and pay it through the app in your phone.

Pick up your stuff at a convenient time

Within 48 hours, you will receive a message with your locker number and PIN to get clean clothes from the locker.


Request a courier

Закажите курьера в удобное для вас время и месте через наше приложение для Android или iPhone, или по телефону
+371 23 203 733


Give the stuff to the courier

Our courier will pick up your things at the specified time and place.

Cleaning in progress

Relax, read a book, or do what’s important to you while we’re cleaning clothes.

Back in your hands

Within 48 hours your order will be ready and we will deliver your items to a place and time convenient for you.

What say our customers?

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