Doing laundry
has never been easier


A mobile app for your smartphone!


Meet the future of laundry

No more waiting in lines, adjusting the pick-up times to fit your schedule, or dealing with paper invoices. With a wide range of locations, a contactless setup, and a professional team, we’re here to provide comfort and convenience, guaranteeing smooth and hassle-free experience.  Save your time and let us do your laundry!

How does it work?


Put your laundry in the locker

Simply place your laundry in the locker and secure it with a unique four-digit combination of your choice, right on the spot.


Share your locker number

Place your order via Android or iOS mobile app.

Pay the invoice

Receive an invoice and pay it via mobile app.

Pick up your freshly cleaned laundry at a convenient time

We’ll clean your laundry within 48 hours of receiving your order and send you the locker number and PIN for pickup. Once you have this information, head to the designated locker and collect your freshly cleaned laundry at a time that suits you best!


Request a courier

Book a courier for your preferred time and location via mobile app or by calling us at 
+371 23 203 733.


Hand over your laundry to the courier

Our courier will collect your order at your designated time and place.

While we're taking care of your laundry…

Relax, take a moment for yourself, and focus on what matters to you most!

Receive your clean laundry at your preferred location

Your order will be ready in 48 hours, and we’ll deliver it to a location that best suits your schedule.

What do our customers say?

Thank you very much for the nicely cleaned clothes and repaired jacket. ☺ Have a cool and creative day!!!


A 21st-century dry cleaner with excellent service and great quality. Grateful that such a company exists!


Convenient. And great quality. Without any disappointments so far.