Property owners, apartment buildings, offices and family house villages!

WASHBOX increase the value of your property!

WashBox laundry lockers can be placed in Your apartment buildings, offices or housing villages to ease the life of tenants, employees or just people who live nearby.
WashBox offers the highest quality dry cleaning and laundry services. It is a convenience that can increase the value of your property.

WashBox laundry lockers is a convenient and simple dry cleaning and laundry service solution that You can offer your tenants or employees 24 hours a day.

No extra costs!

Convenience is valued. We will collect the clothes and bring them back cleaned, washed and ironed, which saves the time and money of your tenants or employees.
Placing a laundry locker in your building might be one of the reasons that will attract quality tenants/employees to your property/company and keep the existing ones happy.

WashBox laundry lockers will be placed in your building with no setup fees, maintenance fees as well as they do not require electricity. WashBox laundry lockers do not take up much space, they can be used to effectively fill an impractical space in your building. Lockers are checked each time our courier comes to collect laundry.

WashBox will place the lockers in your building according to your guidelines and specifications.

Contact us if you wish to place WASHBOX laundry lockers in your building!